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Spring Ahead!

Although it has certainly been spring for quite some time, the past month has provided me with countless opportunities to share a positive message with Pennsylvanians. The message of real property tax reform has been shared in half the counties of Pennsylvania. At this point, I feel like I’m running for Governor of this Commonwealth! I’ve spoken with a number of residents and interest groups in the past few weeks. Additionally, I’ve done some radio in Harrisburg.

We have strengthened our grassroots base tremendously. We have well over 200 people at a hearing of the Senate Finance Committee last week. People calling into PCN-TV want to talk strictly Senate Bill 76. It’s an exciting time. Unfortunately though, I’ve met and heard some Senators who are still opposed to this important, landmark bill. I would encourage them to knock on the doors of their constituents. Share with them the truth behind this bill, and see what you hear. Far too often, constituents tell us that their elected officials share misinformation. Pennsylvania needs courageous leaders stepping forward. Let’s make it happen!

Property Tax Reform Panel & More

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve certainly traversed this state. More and more each day, Senate Bill 76 is becoming a household term in several parts of Pennsylvania. Early last week, I spoke with a business group in Murrysville. This smaller municipality is just east of Pittsburgh. The following evening, I spoke to a town hall in Erie. The eagerness and desire to learn brings out people from all walks of life. I can be in suburban Philadelphia or the valleys of mid-state Pennsylvania, however they all take time to learn more. It doesn’t matter where I am in Pennsylvania. On Thursday and Friday, I spoke to two different groups in southern Pittsburgh. I did have an interesting meeting with a State Senator on Thursday morning. As a strong proponent of visual communication, I found the discussion interesting. He appeared quite uncomfortable discussing the issue. He was quick to judge, but I made sure the issue wasn’t treated unfairly. In the end, I believe he understood that we were going to stand our ground. Residents in his very district want to see Senate Bill 76 pass, and he needs to recognize that. This week I had some new opportunities. I spoke at the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS® Public Policy and Political Advocacy Seminar. I was joined by Senators David Argall and Mike Folmer. We discussed the bill, and our grassroots efforts. You can read more about the discussion in this link. I also had the opportunity to meet with countless other legislators at the Capitol about this bill. In the coming weeks, residents from the Scranton area will hear even more about this bill. On Wednesday, I did two radio interviews that will be aired in May. Yesterday, I met with more residents from Lancaster. We press forward!

Community Education

Last week, I spoke with two different Rotary Clubs in southeastern Pennsylvania. This article briefly states my presence at one of these clubs. I’m shown in this photograph with Berks County Recorder of Deeds Fred Sheeler. Fred is running for the State Legislature this year. He was the program chair for last week’s Rotary Club. Thanks to Fred for inviting me to speak at this event. This bill allows me to educate all people about the importance of real property tax reform. Further, I pride myself on working with elected officials on both sides of the aisle. I’ll share some updates in the coming days about the progress made this week in western Pennsylvania.

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet with more residents across Pennsylvania. However, there wasn’t much press coverage at these events. Fortunately, the tape was rolling at one of my events. The above video was taken at an event in York County last Thursday. The local Patriots club met to discuss a number of issues. I was their second speaker. Although this crowd was more conservative then some other groups, many people come together on this bi-partisan bill. I continue to enjoy speaking with many groups across this state. My segment is about 35 minutes long.

Urge Legislators to back Senate Bill 76

Yesterday’s Tribune-Democrat included an editorial urging people to support Senate Bill 76. The editorial was prompted by my visit last week when I spoke with a packed room about this bill. It gives some details about the bill, but also includes some of the uncertainty from legislators. Although Real Reform 76 has been myth-busting false information whenever it arises, it doesn’t stop detractors from spreading these rumors. Many legislators hear these detractors, so we make it our responsibility to educate them on the truth. Fortunately, there are some newspaper editors who are doing research to learn that Senate Bill 76 is a solvent bill that will help students, property owners and the Pennsylvania economy. Click on the link above to read the article.

CBS Affiliate Station WTAJ Interview

On March 14th, I had the opportunity to speak with Altoona CBS affiliate WTAJ news about Senate Bill 76. Although the interview was brief, I gave a synopsis of this bill. If one thing can be taken from this interview, it’s that Pennsylvania residents want to see real property tax reform. Too many legislators propose legislation that wouldn’t solve the growing tax burden. However, these very same legislators are receiving calls day after day asking them to support Senate Bill 76. In short, this legislation is true property tax reform. Schools will be fully funded under this plan, and residents will see tax relief. Click here to watch the video.

Educating Residents, School Board Members & Legislators

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak to a packed room of REALTORS®, residents, school board members, state legislators and many more in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The event was covered by the local newspaper in the area. The article can be read by clicking here. In short, several great questions were raised by members and legislators alike. I shared with everyone that this bill would provide positive ripple effects in our state’s economy. The message was seen with excitement, so we want to channel that positive energy forward. Earlier in the week, I shared a similar message with residents in the Pittsburgh area. Lastly, I did a TV interview with Altoona CBS affiliate WTAJ yesterday afternoon. Once it airs, I will post the footage on this site.

Scranton City Council Testimony

Last week, I was invited to testify before Scranton City Council. Members of Council are frustrated that many businesses leave the City. Earlier that very day, I learned that the local mall went into foreclosure. Scranton, like cities across Pennsylvania, are struggling due to high property taxes. Specifically, school property taxes are impacting residents and businesses in the City. Council invited me to speak on the issue. I was accompanied by leadership from the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®. We had thirty minutes to educate members of Council on the legislation. Fortunately, I believe we successfully convinced them that Senate Bill 76 would create a new “re-urbanization” in the City of Scranton. Young professionals believe in smart growth. They want to walk to work, entertainment and food stores (groceries and restaurants). Scranton can be the place that young professionals want to live. However, high school property taxes compel people to look elsewhere. Senate Bill 76 needs to pass now. Click on the above link to read the newspaper article on the testimony.

Demand Accountability


Individuals visiting know that this website isn’t kept as a blog. I simply like to share stories, photos and articles of different events. As much as I would like to update this site more often, sometimes timing isn’t always available! The latter half of February was quite eventful. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with residents in Town Halls and round tables about Senate Bill 76. Although we’re making significant progress in getting this message to the voters, it’s incredible to truly feel the attitudes shared by Pennsylvania voters. They are fed up with state government. They are tired of the federal and local governments, too. Polls show that pessimism is again at an all-time high. They simply feel that elected officials aren’t listening to them. Fortunately, voters are excited about the possibilities created by the Property Tax Independence Act. Although voters don’t trust Harrisburg, residents know that we must push this issue forward. By simply not ceasing, we can make this bill a reality! Accountability is needed, and I believe residents are ready to take a stand. The above photo was taken via a camera phone, as you can clearly see from the quality. However, it includes me at a Town Hall meeting in Carbon County with Senator David Argall (prime sponsor of Senate Bill 76) and Representative Doyle Heffley. The Times News article of the event can be found here.

"The Only Things Certain in Life…"

Benjamin Franklin once stated that there are only two things certain in life: “death and taxes”. If I can boldly modify that statement, I would include a third: snow! Pennsylvanians are bracing for several more inches of snow expected to hit our region overnight. Although the snow has been endless, it hasn’t impacted our grassroots efforts for Senate Bill 76. In the past two weeks, we have continued to educate people about real property tax reform. I have attended round table discussions and office meetings to inform residents about the components of the bill. I’m looking forward to more Town Hall meetings taking place in the next several weeks. These meetings give me an opportunity to reach a larger audience. However, large or small, each meeting can provide true grassroots results. Make it happen…snow or sun!

Butler Town Hall News Coverage

Thank you Butler Eagle for writing an article on my visit to the City of Butler on Wednesday evening. The article link requires a subscription to read it. If you have a subscription to their local paper, click on the above link to read further.

State of the Our Progress

Over the past several days, I have been traveling the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Late last week, I met with a State Senator who had concerns about Senate Bill 76. After some time discussing the issue further with him, he became very receptive to the bill. He agreed to sit down with our economist to discuss the numbers further. Additionally, he made it clear that he is very open to the bill. On Monday, I visited our State Capitol. While in Harrisburg, I had the opportunity to sit down with seven legislators opposed to Senate Bill 76. It was my goal to hear concerns about this bill. Although they made some good points, I was disappointed that they didn’t offer practical solutions. Daily, I hear from residents suffering from high taxes. The system is broken. Unfortunately, too many legislators are simply not working together to find an answer. We will keep trying though. Later that day, I gave a presentation to Realtors about the progress we have made with Real Reform 76. The excitement was overwhelming! On Tuesday evening, I was already on the other side of the state. I spoke with a group of individuals just north of Pittsburgh. Their area has grown tremendously over the past few decades, and they recognize that this issue impacts them. On Wednesday, local Realtors from Butler County and I did a radio show. We had an hour to speak with callers on WISR’s It’s Your Turn with Dave Malarkey about Senate Bill 76. That evening, I gave a full presentation on the components of the bill during a town hall meeting. We were fortunate to see 150 people come out for this town hall. Although there will always be opponents to any legislation, we are certainly making plenty of progress! Moving forward…

Grassroots Success is Built on Educating Voters

Late last week, I had the opportunity to discuss Senate Bill 76 to a local Rotary Club in Wyoming County, PA. This diverse club included local residents, and those that lived in Bradford and Sullivan Counties. Most were very interested in the grassroots efforts made by Real Reform 76. However, few fully understood the details in Senate Bill 76. This meeting gave me an opportunity to educate them about real property tax reform.

That evening, I had an opportunity to be the keynote speaker at a Town Hall meeting in Wilkes-Barre at King’s College. Approximately 150 to 200 people came out to learn about the bill. Senator John Yudichak, strong supporter of Senate Bill 76, spoke first. Following, his colleagues in the House also took to the stage. The evening wrapped up with my presentation. I gave a tutorial of Senate Bill 76, and our grassroots efforts to pass the bill. Afterwards, I was pulled aside by several attendees wanting to learn more. The Town Hall was a great success. Click on the above link to learn more.

Last week’s Town Hall meeting in Lebanon was taped for the purposes of sharing with residents across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This 73 minute video includes my presentation, and the Q&A session with the panelists. I’m looking forward to another Town Hall meeting this Thursday evening in Luzerne County alongside Senator John Yudichak. Unlike many pieces of legislation, Senate Bill 76 has plenty of bi-partisan support. Real property tax reform isn’t a Republican issue, nor is it a Democratic issue. It’s a Pennsylvania issue.

Earlier today, RE/MAX of Reading requested an interview regarding Senate Bill 76. I gladly sat down with Tavia Ritter (RE/MAX of Reading’s Information Technology Operations Manager) to provide particulars about real property tax reform. I was asked questions about the mechanics of the bill, co-sponsorship, school funding and common misconceptions. View the video to learn more about this bill.